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Anyone tried running ISD apps with the new Google browser? My first impressions are good. It is very fast and I can only imagine that Google will be able to gain a significant share of Internet browser usage.

Some things dont work as expected e.g. horizontal hierarchical menus appear vertically and dont function properly and there are some wierd layout issues.

It would be nice if a future version of ISD will generate Chrome friendly apps.

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I would suggest the problems is Google, according the books I have been reading ISD follows Net 2.0 prefered way of doing things. check out
orientation in the ascx in the menu pane. 
either orientation ="Horizontal" or
orientation ="Vertical' depending on the menu selected


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Gerard is probably correct. Iron Speed Designer generates a standard ASP.NET menu control, and it looks like Chrome is not rendering this properly.  There's nothing proprietary about what Designer generates in this regard.  You might contact Google and ask them ...

Alan Fisher Chairman Iron Speed, Inc. @afisher1024

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Google Chrome is still in its infancy, so we may have to give it a while for it to "mature". I do admit, it does look enticing, but you really can't gauge full functionality or problems based on beta releases...just my take.


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For multi-level menus Chrome responds well using the CSS Adapter feature for ASP.NET menus.  Verified using the following demo site: 

Jay Patel -

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