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I'm looking for guidance on Integrating ISD Generated Web Pages into an Existing Application.  I found some guidance on the forum for essentially "linking" back-and-forth as two independent applications.  (

Does anyone have guidance on a closer integration?  For instance, is there a way to "nest" the ISD generated app in a virtual directory within an existing app?  This would simplify a security issue for me.  Any and all suggestions welcome. 


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Iron Speed apps like to run on their own.  You may have more luck integrating the existing app into Iron Speed.  You can certainly call existing .aspx pages that are outside Iron Speed for sure.


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I think this is a real shortcoming of ISD.

Typically, a website will have database apps within it, rather than the other way round !

I have found that I can run ISD apps in an iframe, although integrating security across the apps is a pain, and I strip out header and footer from the ISD apps so that they rely on the web sites "master" page.

Hope this helps.



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I recently wrote an article introducing the topic of ASP.NET Master Pages (link) that might be of interest.

On the topic of 'closer integration' with existing ASP.NET applications that use Master Pages, I think it 'should' be possible.  I hope to try this out on a real project and write about it in a future article. 

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We do full integration by encapsulating each VS page with Empty ISD "Page with Header and Menu" or similar patterns with couple of
HTML and Net Code tweaks. Attached is a sample of fully intergrated page.

For Security Integration only, we found it easy to do with Additional Whereclause based on common security table/s.


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