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I got this message today while I was using my ISD v11.1 version.

The message ask me to sent a email with a screen shot of the problem to
But as all we already know there is no support from ISD.

Anyone has suffers these problem in the past or recently and If so Do someone know How I should  solved it?

When I enter to My License seat account I saw the License and It is assigned to the Machine I was using.
I have not tried to re-install nor transpase the license yet.

Any ideas?

Thank you


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Hi Oscar!

Firstly, you must not expose your license to the public. Secondly, make sure nobody is using your license.
As long as there is no other machine is using your license, you can uninstall it. Then re-install or transfer to another PC. Please check also your ISD online records.   

Jimi J   


  Jaime Jegonia

Iron Speed MVP Developer

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Hi JimiJ

You are right!!!  Thank you for the advise. 

About my problem I really do not understand why it did happen.
Were I works nobody has access to the keys beside me.
The other license machine Key is working fine.

I will try to uninstall it and hope It works when I re-install the program.


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