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This is a non-technical forum to facilitate your feedback directly to me (Alan Fisher) at Iron Speed.  On a regular basis, I'm going to open discussion threads and solicit your input on current matters of interest.  I'd like to get your input, so I would appreciate frank (though civil) responses.
First, a few guidelines:
(1) This forum is not for technical support
Check out the other forums for help on using Iron Speed Designer, customizing code, and suggesting product features.  Those forums are for Iron Speed Designer users to support each other.  If you need support more quickly, I recommend you submit a support case directly to our technical support team, assuming you have a current support agreement.  (As you probably know, Iron Speed does not provide regular technical support through these forums.)
(2) This forum is for feedback to me directly, in a public forum setting
Unlike our other technically-focused forums where Iron Speed provides minimal supervision and responses, I will actively converse with you in this forum on a regular -- probably daily -- basis. It's a great opportunity to share what's on your mind with me and vice versa.  For now, this is the one forum where we guarantee to actively engage with you.
(3) Please keep your discourse civil
We're interested in engaging in honest, frank feedback on topical issues, but not in SHOUTING matches.  If you're trying to launch your political career, please seek your fortune elsewhere.
(4) Email me directly with suggested topics
Please contact me with topics you'd like to discuss and and I'll actively consider them.   I want to hear from you!
That's it for now.  Please enjoy!

Alan Fisher Chairman Iron Speed, Inc. @afisher1024
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