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ironspeed err.PNG In the image shown, I have just clicked Save after entering just two fields on the screen. The popup message shows me all of the fields that are required but not completed. One of those fields, "At this Loc Since" also has a message in red displayed on the form. I don't recall adding this message anywhere. Why does it display and where is it coming from? Other required fields don't have such a display.

Normally, I would not ask 2 questions in one post. But just because this is so odd and it involves the same field, I'll add this. The blue * on the screen are markers I put in the form to indicate required fields. If I put that * after the "At This Loc Since" textbox, the blue * will not show on the same horizontal as the textbox. It always slips below the textbox.I've fiddled with it for 2 hours and cannot get it to not do that, no matter how I set the format options and columns allocated to the field and so on. The field was incorrectly defined in the DB as a date/time field but I changed that to date only early on in my efforts to fix this. The selected format is MM/DD/YYYY in both the DB and the properties of this object.

Thanks for any help with either problem.




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If you removed '*' Text on the Required field 'A value for Branch Ctrl No is required.' becomes a default. 


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