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I can really use some help here.
I made a previous post a few days ago about cascading dropdown boxes, figured those out but doesn’t really matter until I get past this.
Short version;

Shipping Program.
User starts a shipment record by selecting the CARRIER (shipper) then the Originating REGION, then ORIGINATING COUNTRY, then ORIGINATING PORT.
That’s where shipment is coming from then dropdown boxes to select the same 3 for DESTINATION.
Not all CARRIER’s ship to all regions, countries or ports.
All of these cntry.gif  values are in 3 tables with PK and FK and so as each selection is made (I.E., ASIA) populates, Japan, China, Thailand, etc.
But when Ironspeed ‘detects’ country, it wants to populate that dropdown with ALL countries.
I am not dealing with American States but if memory serves several years (and versions ago) it did the same with State (ex, TX, FL, GA, etc).

This is really screwing me up.
Ironspeed is ignoring my TBL_COUNTRY and filling it with all countries which aside from having a LOT more to select from, allows the user to select the wrong country.
How can I turn off this ‘override’ and tell Ironspeed to let ME determine the countries from the table and not auto-populate the minute it detects a country value?


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There should be "Depends on" property in all dropDownLists' properties. Did you try setting your Country dropdown's "depends on" property to the region dropdownlist?

Another way might be using Code Customization Wizard snippets, i.e.: "Multiple Dropdown Fields that Dynamically Update Each Other"

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Go to the database tab and on the field that holds the value change the "Validation Type" from Country to String.


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