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I bought a new laptop which had Windows 10 OS.

I had uninstalled my previous version of ISD from my old laptop.

I tried to install Ironspeed 10.1 on it but it was giving compatibility error.

So, I set the compatibility mode to windows 7 and installed on the machine with windows 10.

It was successfully installed and it took the serial number as well.

Next day when I restarted my machine and when I ran Ironspeed it started prompting me for the serial number.

So, I uninstalled the version 10.1 from my new laptop and tried to re-install it but it didn't work.

Even though I had uninstalled version 10.1 from new laptop it was showing the name of my laptop under my seats on ISD support site.

Right now I have formatted my new laptop and installed windows 7.

When I try to activate ISD 10.1 on my new laptop it pops up a message that the Product key has been already activated.

The new name of my laptop for windows 7 is same as it was on windows 10.

Kindly let me know how I can activate the version 10.1 on my new laptop as I have some projects which have been developed using 10.1.

Thanks for your kind suggestions in advance.


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That could be one unfortunate experience. The way I do it is just to rename either the target computer with the name in my account license key or change the target Computer Name 
with the same as in my account license key. 

Jimi J


  Jaime Jegonia

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Thanks Jimi for your kind advice.

I have already tried to rename the computer name under the seats to the new laptop name but unfortunately it doesn't work.

Even I tried to re-install the software on my old laptop and replaced the old folder but it pops up a message that the license has been activated on other computer.

The issue is that I have around 15 projects on version 10.1.

I have used custom template and it might take lot of time to upgrade it to ISD 12.2.

I hope the ISD team will come to rescue me from this situation and suggest me a way to resolve this issue.



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After you uninstall Iron Speed on your computer, make sure to delete all remaining Iron Speed installation folders.  Rename your computer if required and then reboot.  Try re-installing again.  If there is a domain involved, it will need to be the same domain.

Iron Speed has recommended that you backup the installation folder so that if you need to re-install, you copy over the backup folder (before/after?) the installation.  Haven't had to test this one out though.

This is one of the reasons I use both VMWARE and Acronis to backup my entire computer, so that I avoid these issues.


Miles Gibson, MScIS
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Thanks a lot Miles for your suggestion.

I followed the below method and it worked fine.

I changed the computer name under the seats to my old laptop.

I had earlier uninstalled ISD from my old laptop but I didn't delete the folder under program files which was causing an issue it seems for the activation.

As per Miles suggestion, I deleted the old installation files and re-installed the software.

It allowed me to activate the license on my old laptop.

I need to move this license to my new laptop but I am afraid if it will cause any issues.


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