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I have a "Show" page with a tab container on it. This tab container has multiple tabs(12). I am trying to add a new tab. I understand how to physically add the tab, but I am unable to scroll down to it in the cell in the layout editor because of the number of existing tabs. The scroll bar on the right hand side skips past the the last couple tabs and shows me row number 2. I have tried using the tab button and the down arrow button as well. I have also tried increasing the height of the layout editor and decreasing the height of the bottom panel without any luck. How do I get to my newly created tab to drag and drop it into the correct order so when the page builds, the tab is positioned correctly?

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You won't get to them easily especially if you are using a laptop screen. the way out is to remove the tabs reorder the panels and then reinsert tabs or better still in my opinion is to put them in groups
to trial create a duplicate page
drag 2-3 blank panels with or with out titles from the tool box into a cell create tabs. Then cut and paste 2-3 relevant panels into each blank panel then create tabs for those
you will need to reset the where clauses for each panel as it loses the relation ship in the cut and paste
There is an issue that I reported in v 12 and its still in v12.1 and probably v12.2 (Not on fix list ) where under the actions panels  for each panel controls if you have filters enabled eventually you will get an error about duplicate names and I have had issues trying to clear the duplicate name (ISD Isn't picking up the duplicate name and renaming the filters when there is a panel between a record control and an table control after a few table controls are added

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