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Hello Everyone,

Using the a javascript (JSColor), color picker to customize a Dashboard in progress.

I have the jscolor.js script in the Page Prologue section.
And I am in an Edit Record page in an empty cell where I've placed the "js control"

       <input class="jscolor" id="Border" value="ab2567">

I added an id="Border" in this case as I have other pickers to add to the page as well.
Things look good, the control lets me pick a color etc.

Final step is to load the returned color picker value into a bound field on the record.
I thought I'd do it on a button-click event immediately before a 'Save'.

I'm using a findcontrolrecursively to grab the bound field to set but cannot figure out what to do to grab the value which I've named "Border"?  Not sure how to access the cell's content with the <input class="jscolor" id="Border" value="ab2567">

This is what I have...

Dim ChartBorder As System.Web.UI.WebControls.TextBox = CType(Me.Page.FindControlRecursively("ImageBorderColor"), System.Web.UI.WebControls.TextBox)

??? ChartBorder.Text = Border.value  ???

If (Not Me.Page.IsPageRefresh) Then
End If

Can anyone help me understand how to reference Border.value?   Thinking a FindControlRecursively perhaps but its not a text box, button, label?

thank you!
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