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Hello everyone.
Sad to see that this board is getting almost inactive [sleep]

Anyway, maybe someone can share own KB and help.

My situation: there are three link buttons within fixed position div at the top of the page (title area). Each button needs to scroll to own anchor (those are in each repeater's record row, created programmatically with separate IDs, names, etc.) on a button click. Number of buttons is equal to the number of record rows. The page is "Show-table" type and loads different record sets of three records each.

One solution, which works OK is to set button's OnClientClick

javascript:window.scrollTo(0,0);return false;
(that goes to the top of page),


javascript:window.scrollTo(0,y);return false;
(that scrolls y number of pixels from page's top)

The problem with above JS is that each record of different recordsets contains multiple panels with different amount of details' data and (therefore) different scroll length (or height in the scrollable area), which vary for the records from ~1000 to ~3000 px). Consequently, using the static y number does not give accurate scrolling.

When using (example)

does not give any results on the button click.

So, I wonder if anyone has similar experience and/or is willing to indicate a potential direction towards some positive results.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Commercial third party controls are out of requirements
P.P.S. Collapsible panels are not desirable as well (although could be the last resort)

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I've done something similar but just a single link in the header to jump to a record control at the bottom of the page.

Should be fairly simple to do what you want.

I have this in a cell in the header:

<a href="#Notes"><p class="dhtr">Skip to Notes</p></a>

And then in a cell where I want to jump to:

<a NAME="Notes"></a>

I would think you could use a formula using the record Id of your repeater record and generate an anchor tag instead of my hardcoded "notes" tag.

C. Bryan Patrick II
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Thanks for your help. It works now [smile]
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