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Back in release 8.x I was hitting a problem where building an MSI would error with:

aspnet_merge : error occurred: An error occurred when merging assemblies: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.

This has nothing to do with the amount of memory on the machine, it has to do with the fact aspnet_merge has a max  memory space of around 1G. You can watch the process in Task Manager and see it expand to that size, then error. This is true on a 2G machine, or a 16G machine with Win 7 64 bit.

Back in the release 8 days I opened tickets about this, and found it had to so with the embedded XML in the data controllers, long strings that consumed lots of space when you had a lot of tables. I was told that would be fixed in release 9, but it wasn't, but I was able to work around the problem by deleting all the pages I could out of the project. On other projects I had to abandon the LSD Deploy Wizard and build the MSI via Visual Studio, since I had the option there to split the merge by folder.

Enter ISD 10. Projects that were working have all stopped because ISD added a page to every table, the <tablename>QuickSelector. This page was a blessing and a curse. First off I was having a continual problem with ISD pages that would cause JavaScript errors because the page would not fully download and the scripts would get randomly truncated. Go to another page, come back, everything works for 2-3 refreshes, then you're dead. So that seems to be fixed, but since I can't generate an MSI my deploy to prod is hampered.

I'm finding some print and email pages that aren't used, and trying to remove the separate table/single edit forms for references tables where possible, but since I've gone through that process already I'm running out of options.

Obviously the merged add/edit page would be huge in this area, but since it didn't make this release who knows. Outside of just punting and going back to building the installers myself in visual studio has anyone had any success cutting down the ISD bloat?

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