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Hi Fellow Ironspeeders.   I've seen two posts on this over the years but there was not sufficient explanation in them to take any steps.  

I have two buttons on a page that allow user to select one of two Product lines.
Product lines within the app (menu options, pages etc.) are determined by UserRole.

Upon the button_click I update UserRole in the database depending which product button clicked.  I then want to redirect to the appropriate product splash page where I want the new role to apply and reflect what can be accessed via menu, etc.

Not Working... I read that ISD sets role in cache and that I need to clear it in order to view affects of new role.  I cannot find any information how to do this or where to do this. 

Would LOVE some help here or some details on alternate methods.
I do not want user to have to log out and back in to achieve this.

Any insight here would be awesome.

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