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Hi Guys

I have tried following the instructions I found on the this forum but I cant seem to get it done. Please someone help me to be able to refresh the parent page from a pop up please.


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The significant reason for the existence of popup is to keep the unsaved entry. If you want to refresh the parent page after adding or editing the lookup pages, you may save the Parent Page first. For new entry, capture the pK or unique ID by overriding the "CommitTransaction" else, pick it up from the page and use it as URL parameter. This URL parameter may not have a purpose for a lookup but for returning to the parent page. Then use normal redirect to the lookup page, save and revert back by re-using the same URL parameter.   

Jimi J


  Jaime Jegonia

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Hi Jimij

I get that. But what I really need is a full page refresh so that the data I have on my header which is a session is changed based on when I save the data from my popup.

When I click on the reload button at the top of the browser manually it refreshes the header.

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Normally a pop-up window can only update 1 control on the "Parent" page.

I wrote an article on how to perform additional steps when a modal pop-up is closed.  Perhaps you could use it to also refresh the header.  Or refresh the whole page.

C. Bryan Patrick II
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