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Hey all.
I keep hitting a road block here and can’t figure it out.
I will apologize, again, for the length so I will try and stay on point and will provide screen shots.
I am not sure how to insert a picture right at the ‘topic’ I am referring to so I will number each pic ( PIC1, PIC2, etc) in red.
This is for my never ending Shipping site.
It’s relatively straightforward;
Plan a shipment by selecting ORIGIN REGION > ORIGIN COUNTRY > ORIGIN PORT.
Then select same for DESTINATION.
PIC 1 shows the Shipments Table.

PIC 2 shows the tables that the values for REGION, COUNTRY, PORT and CARRIER are pulled from.
These are relational, select ASIA for Region and then select Japan, China, and Thailand etc.
This really caused me an absolute pain as Ironspeed saw Country and populated them all and a belated thanks to ‘pinbot’ for showing me how to change from Country to String.

I use dropdowns and cascading for these on the Add Record for Shipments and now they work like a charm.
So far this will give you a pretty broad overview.
Now comes the confusing part, at least from the Ironspeed ‘side’.
When you create a Shipment Record and have selected REGION, COUNTRY, PORT(s) etc. Now you start selecting the actual cargo.
All cargo will go into a container and there are two to choose from, OVER 40 FT or UNDER 40 FT.
For each Shipment record there will be at least 1 and can be many more Containers. So one-to-many relationship there.
Here is where the problems start.
I can create my Add Shipment Record page, Populate with Cascading dropdowns explained above and drag a panel onto the page for Container.
I can add a Container, say select (1) , OVER 40 FT, but even if I add a SAVE AND NEW button it will save the record and ‘link’ it to that SHIPMENT record but then start a NEW Shipment Record. One and Only one CONTAINER for each shipment Record.
I need to add multiple Containers for each  shipment, as many as 10.
Once I can figure out that solution then the next should be essentially the same. PIC1.jpg  PIC2.jpg  PIC3.jpg  PIC4.jpg 

For Each Container added, there is CARGO that goes in each CONTAINER and again, can be multiple Items.
Take a quick look at PIC 03 to see the Relationships at the DB Level.

PIC 04 is a ‘completed’ SHIPMENT Record, at least at the database Level.
This is a SHIPMENT Record with Two Containers and Cargo in Each.

Any idea at all, in Ironspeed, how to accomplish this?

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