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hey guys,

I have searched the online help topics and even watched most of the videos but I really can't find much info on trying to generate pages based on many-to-many relationships.

Anyone have any links on that topic?



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I haven't had any luck with m:m relationships with ISD. I ended up creating a cross reference table between the 2 tables and linking them that way.

To do m:m relationship, you'd be looking at doing an editable parent table at the top of the page with an editable child table below it, and ISD just doesn't do that.

The only thing you can do is a display-only parent table up top with an editable child table below. Then you could put an Edit button next to each parent table record, which would take you to a different page to edit the parent record. To do this, you want to build a "Reports - Enhanced With Detail Below" type of page.
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