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Yesterday almost everyone had problems with the License Server being down and not being able to use their Licensed Copies of Iron Speed.

I did not!

I was not even aware there was a problem at all until i visited the forum. I even had to reboot my computer yesterday and still did not have a problem using Iron Speed.

The reason this outage did not affect me was because I had added the Iron Speed address to my hosts file so the address would not connect.

I did not change any firewall settings to achieve this.

This procedure must be done after you copy is up and running (after it has connected to the license server successfully)

It requires you to modify the the host file located here on a windows 7 machine.


Either make a copy of the file and make the changes using Notepad or modify directly by running Notepad as and Administrator.

Add these line to the top.


Save and replace the original with your saved file.

Viewing with fiddler after making these changes, shows that it does not connect to either addresses.

 Your finished file should look something like this.
I know this method works but it has to be done after you have successfully connected to the server.
You will notice that Iron Speed will open to a different front page. You will also notice that the eventually the forums will look different as it will no longer connect to the sites CSS and the layout will be incorrect. You will no longer be able to connect to the Iron Speed website. (all help file will be unavailable, but the were post here somewhere to download)

PS Perhaps a MOD could sticky this.


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I just disconnect from the web. Adding those lines to your hosts file also messes me up when I try and come here and interact. It is a good solution otherwise.
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