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I have a number of PDF report pages written for iTextSharp V5.1.3.0 that I would like to use in ISD.  The version of iTextSharp embedded in  /application/bin/reports.dll looks like version 3.1.8 which does not support various features I use such as cell.MinimumHeight, and actually I am struggling to get any table to display.

I have tried to add the itextsharp.dll to the bin directory as in this post but i just get heaps of "ambiguous, imported from the namespaces or types 'iTextSharp.text" because I have references to two version of iTextSharp.

Is there any way to force ISD to use the iTextSharp.ddl

Thanks for any help.

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This is an important question for me too. Anyone found a solution? 


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I don't use iTextSharp, but it occurs to me:
have you gone into Visual Studio, removed the existing reference to the iTextSharp.dll and then added it back in so that it points to the new dll ?

That might clean up the ambiguities.


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Did anyone find a solution to this?

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There are probably references to it in the baseclasses. I ran into this problem with MySQL a couple of years back. I ended up loading the BaseClasses project, changing the reference, and then recompiling the baseclasses.dll and copying that back into my application folder.

And that does work, but of course when you migrate to a newer version of Iron Speed, you will have to repeat the process again.


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