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I have created an app with ISD 12.2 version and saving the files in database.

The issue is that while clicking on the download buttons for docx, xlsx file extensions, it shows as zip file download with corrupted data but for other extensions like doc, xls, pdf, jpg etc it works fine.

I hope this is the default behavior of ISD where its unable to recognize the new versions of Microsoft files.

Did somebody find a solution for this?

Alternatively I can save the files in folders and get out of this issue but too many documents are saved in the database so I need to find a solution to come out this issue.

Thanking you guys in advance for reviewing this topic and in case if you can provide the solution.


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It may be saving it as a .doc file, but Windows is offering a .docx extension.  Try saving it as .doc or .xls and then see if you can open it...
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Hi Miles,

I have noticed that .doc files are being saved as .doc extensions and they are downloaded in word format once we click on download button.

But the issue is with .docx files as they are being saved in database as .docx extension but while clicking on the download button it assumes to be a binary file and prompts to save as .zip file.

As mentioned earlier, the .zip file is corrupted once downloaded.

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