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Hello everyone,

I have a requirement where I need to integrate the application to an active directory.

There are Parent & Childs domains in the active directory.

Eg: as Parent Domain, as Child Domain, as Child Domain etc

Few users of domain needs to have Admin permission (Add, Edit,View & Delete operations) while the rest of the domain users need to have read only permission.

So, I have created a admin user group on and added the necessary users to that group.
On the security tab, I gave the access to the add/edit pages and delete controls the permission for the usergroup defined on and read permission for "All Domains / Signed in Users")
Everything is working fine, the only issue is that when when the users from other domains login to the application it shows the Admin permissions instead of read only permissions.

Any idea what could be the issue in the permissions?

Note: In IIS I have enabled Windows Authentication.


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