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what we urgently need is the ability to activate the license offline because in case of need to change the hardware what to do?.


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If in fact this patent lawsuit is about "data entry code generation", then indeed Iron Speed would have recourse to continue to sell an abbreviated version of what is an outstanding product.  It simply would not generate the pages. I envision that I would simply drag and drop controls onto a page, and with some customization "manually" create my forms.  The underlying data and business layers could still be generated, along with the application framework.

I know that this may be too simplistic a solution, but at least one that could offer some hope. I expect that we haven't seen the last of Iron Speed yet, and hopefully there is a middle ground that we can still work with this fantastic product.

Miles Gibson, MScIS
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I believe if the patent is only related to the relational database technology then ISD should add a spatial component (such as map view) like they already have imbedded Google maps into the interface layer and that would probably separates them from being just the relation database interface developer and can quantify as a spatial data interface developer to differentiate between these patent trolls litigations.

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Guys, I can assure you that Designer licenses you purchased will continue to work for years to come. Also there is no plans to release it as an open source and licensing policy is still enforced. After all it would be unfair to those who paid money for the license to give the tool for free. There is no legal issues in usage of Designer.

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I agree with you miles.


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If the activation server will close. Then what will happen when we need to transfer the license to the other hard ware.


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Scrimej your proposal is interesting.

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Sell the Beamer and Drop the UI Generation.



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It was a sock for me too to learn that ISD will stops it business by end of year.  I've been using this outstanding tool in the past few years to create great .NET applications with ease.  

My biggest concerns now is what happen to the existing licenses we bought? will we be able to uninstall and reinstall when we refresh our PCs in the near future? how do we ensure to our clients that we can continue providing updates to existing products until we can find replacements for them? 

C'mon ISD you need to give us some work around options here, we can't drop our clients service abruptly like this.  I hope some good news coming out of this.

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I do not know how to get over this shock, except by prayers.

Some of us got back to software development because of ISD. We were really looking forward to wider and extended road map to this great tool. God in his infinite mercy will sort out this big challenge.

There must be a way out and a way to move forward.

J Benson Emeto


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So, I guess there won't be an ISD 13.  At least I can save my license renewal fee [smile]

Seriously, though, this is very disturbing news.  I've been using this product for around 10 years and I reckon that it is still the best way to get a .NET proof of concept up and running quickly and then develop it to a final product.

At some point, I'd like to see something more detailed from Alan and the ISD team direct to current users.  We have to start thinking about the future.

Sad times!



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Sorry to hear that Alan.

I briefly went thru the pattent  and it looks like they really got you.

The inventor went thru just about every aspect that IS is all about...  wow!

Will the inventor John N. Kesler  settle for Royalties? 

If you can still make money, perhaps it is a good idea if they let you continue selling IS with their permission in exchange of a type of commission. 
Hope something like that will work for IS.

Also, since the issue is generating an application from a database, if you could generate it from some other source that is NOT a relational database could be the solution.

For example, what if you could post a database schema into a type of online application  and then generate it from that source?

If that source cannot be called a relational database, then you win.

I am not a programmer but I am thinking that there might be a solution so long as you hit the source of their argument.. the foundation that is and then it will crumble letting you free to a new type of ironspeed.

This is called the two corporations asset protection strategy but it can be used  in this case as follows: 

You create a non profit corporation  that generates applications for public use online.  

Then you create another company that uses these applications to create other applications.  Since the generator is not using a relational database, it does not violate the pattent.  

Of course, again I am not an IT guy, however, if you break the generation process into micro steps with different companies, as much as ten, it may be worth it.    

The secret lies in using some companies to get away from the RELATIONAL DATABASE, and then some others to generate the UI from something other than the relational database.   

Also, so long as these companies are non profit, and keep no assets, they cannot be sued for their assets. 

I know the above may sound complicated but whatever is worth something it is not easy to implement nor simple.  Like the IS application, for example.


John 14:15-30


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before use ISD, I develop with a CASE for C++ MFC, this tools generate UI from (ER) Entity Relation Diagram non direct from Relational DB, and generate all SQL script to create DB, maybe this is a idea to bypass this patent.

This methode force you to designe DB into this tool or make revers ingegnering from existing DB.

I hope to be useful

If you are interested please contact me, I can send you more screenshot and description

Mauro Biasca


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if the problem is only the generation of UI from the schema of the database.

I have a solution that I currently uses with ISD and which does not appeal to the database schema.

The solution is powered part of the following observation:

- The developer has no control over the form generated by ISD and require much manipulation to have a form that perfectly meets the needs.

- ISD generates 3 pages (add, edit, show) for each table.

in order to overcome these defects, I have developed an application that allows you to:

- Generate xml operated ISD files for managing forms from an Excel sheet,
- Adds several features to C # code generated in section 1.

The goal is to have a single form that can replace the 3 forms "add," "edit" and "show".

Several other services are added : mutli-languages from the database, dynamic menu from the database, traceability, Log, etc ...

With this approach, it's no longer necessary to generate the forms from the database. Also obtained directly Forms with the desired design, because we can design it directly on the excel sheet.

This tool is operational on all current versions of ISD (From Version 8 to version 12.2).

If interested, contact me to provide more detail.

Excuse my English, I am French.



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The future here is bleak as I cannot operate on unsupported products.  For us this means getting off this platform in short order.  One month target (two or three months max.)  The ISD UI sorts the customizations for each class in the tabs for each control removing the need to sort it all out and the code doc section will help my non ISD people.

To this end I am willing to purchase a few used version 11.1 licenses for $500 USD each.  I could use short term subscriptions to do this.  But to be honest I am less than keen on giving any additional revenue to this company based on; the amount of notice given, and the expense we will face making this transmission.  So I am trying this approach first.  Needless to say I do not care if the licenses have upgrade options past version 11.1 or support options of any kind.

Contact me at if you are interested.

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