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Removing online activation requirement to continue our business with our bought license and/or open source business (based on service) could be the way

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What will happen after couple of years if the server is closed. you should give a offline activation solution. and what we do with the free seats these are use less if we can't activate after some time.



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Not exactly a good way to start the day with the notification email. ISD has been a great part of my work for the past 4 years. I still hope there will be a solution to this problem soon, or in the near future. 

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I suggest everyone better virtualise their current development PC(s) for all current seats. Then copy the licensed virtual machine to any new hardware.

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But a big application need a good ram. Virtual machine is not a good solution. ISD should give a offline solution for that.


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Today I received your communication about the interruption of the project ISD.

we are a small company and we have invested heavily to port some applications in .net and with the support of ISD for us was fantastic.

It is not the first time heard that there are many problem with "hunters of patents", which destroy the work of others.

You did not think to move the company abroad, where it is harder to practice hunting of patents? Europe UK or CH

I'm sorry, maybe they are just the disappointment of having found a great product and I lost it.



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This is what I found out:

based upon this patent:

Which affects every single company anywhere that uses code generation to build data entry forms. 

Miles Gibson, MScIS
Iron Speed MVP
Senior Consultant, Principal
Milestone Software Inc.\localizer 
Milestone Localizer: Full Localization for your Iron Speed applications!

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It would seem that they could just stop generating the UI as that is the basis of the patent.

Having Iron Speed generate the Business and Data Access layers is the real power of the product.  I can handle dropping grids and other controls on a page.  If the product simply generated these 2 layers from the database schema and skipped generating the UI pages then I would still find tremendous value in the product.

To flat out cease operations without reaching out to your customer base and seeing what alternatives exist and what they are willing to pay for goes far beyond patent trolls and license abuse, the truth of which we'll never know.

Great Product, Great Run, Great Company.  Please reconsider modifying the tool to skip the UI generation.

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Why not just move the parent company to Hong Kong/UK or china etc?

Or Australia? [smile]

These patents only hold ground for the country that they are in.




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Yeah that just about covers all contemporary RADs. so its back to rolling your own code.

Wonder will 
  • IS publish all known bugs?
  • IS publish some source code?

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It appears that the patent may have to be reviewed.  It's like patenting accounting principles.  Maybe going back 10-12 years this was innovated but the trolls figured out 7-8 years ago to tweak it to get a patent.  If all software like ISD is vulnerable to this attack, the industry is in trouble.  It is taking standard practices and automating it.  How can that be patentable?  Like lawyers, the patent office will have to get into specialty areas.  Repeating my second statement, it's like patenting accounting principles which somebody did try when lotus and excel were first out.  It is common practices and cannot be patented.  It would be like getting a patent for a name like Bill or Tom and no one else can use it unless they pay and/or have permission.

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Can licensed customers continue to use the product without fear of lawsuits for using a "patent infringing" product? Ironspeed seems to imply that continued use is acceptable with support through 12/31/2015, additional licenses to maintenance contract customers and forums, and online help available through 2016.

Ironspeed is a great product and most of our in-house development over the last 10 years has been due mainly to Ironspeed. Being a small IT department we would not have attempted some of our current projects had it not been for the rapid application development ease of Ironspeed. 



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Are any of the online training sessions saved on the internal servers?  If so, can those be made available online?

*by online I mean the webcast versions, that you must register for to attend.

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Amazing.   How did this patent really ever get granted?

Reminds me of an early encounter with "generation" technology:



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Working with ISD since late 2004. With IS since 1972.

Hoping some big company will buy ISD, win any lawsuit, and continue selling ISD with profit...

ISD is a marterpiece and cannot die.

Fernando Villar
Casa Villar Software
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