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Over the last few days, I've had a very disturbing problem with IS 12.2. I'll be happily working along in the Database-side of things, and I'll click the [Layout Editor] button to switch over to the Layout, and BAM! I get a message stating that my license has been detected to be in use on another machine. I click OK (the only option), the app closes, and when I open it back up, it acts as though its unlicensed. Of course I can't re-use the license because it claims its now in use (as is confirmed by the website). Twice so far I've used another of my "free" seats to get back up and running, but I'm out of seats now. I even tried the HOSTS file trick ( but the error still occured.
Has anyone seen this behavior and have any kind of workaround or solution? I can grab one of my co-workers licenses for one last shot, but I don't want to do that unless I'm confident it won't get burned too.

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In the support website what does it say the hostname is that is using your license?  If it's not your machine then someone probably has your login and is changing the licensing file to themselves.

If that's the case, I'd change your password on the support website.

You can always clear the hostname from the license and then the license is freed up to be installed back on your machine.

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Yes, the hostname is my machine name on the support site.
In my experience, clearing the hostname from the license never actually frees it up. There must be some sort of internal flag in the licensing system as to whether the license is in use, and uninstalling the product while licensed seems to be the only way to release it.
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