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Migrated my windows 7 workstation to Windows 10 (without un-installing Ironspeed 9.2.0). Then found that 9.2.0 doesn't work with Windows 10. Uninstalled it to install it on a legacy workstation until I finish migrating all our apps to Ironspeed 12.2.0. Now I try and install the IronSpeed 9.2.0 on the legacy workstation but I keep getting the error that the product key has been activated. I logged into my seats and tried to change it there but to no avail.

Any ides wound be appreciated - Have two more apps to migrate.

Thank you.

Mike McAtee

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login to your console and change the machine name...
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Thank you. I had changed the machine name in the seats console to the new name (didn't work) and removed the name hoping it would pick up the new name (didn't work). What I did is change the new legacy workstation name back to the original name on a different domain and put the old name of the development windows 7 computer back into the console. That seems to be working now.
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