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Reporting Wish list

 I’ll call it the invoice scenario because just about every organisation needs to send bulk invoices- messaging etc to remind people that their trial, service, bill etc is up for renewal.

Not all of this is strictly reporting but:

Not so much a wish list but a request to consider the following and how it could be implemented in ISD based on a real life scenario that would be common to many developers and applications.

In my case insurance premiums with multiple premiums for different types of policies covering multiple properties for a single client or account manager with multiple clients.

With the final objective being to have sent a printed or emailed named and dated pdf to each client for each policy – invoice on a single email

An account manager receiving pdf copies of all the invoices for all the clients and properties in a single email rather than being flooded with 10s of emails each invoice run

The ability to record back to the database when an invoice has been successfully printed – emailed

The ability to save a copy of the pdf as sent into a filesystem / document manager

A copy of the text including labels in to an invoice field etc excluding images

Good handling of multiple text blocks

Something like telerik does for hiding and grouping cells such as address blocks

See their invoice video demo

In addition usually with this sort of thing goes a covering letter to suit the service-s  to be included which should be highly personalised with lots of place holders  and graphs - pictures etc to encourage client to part with the money.

The ability for office staff to easily modify content without having access to a developer on a Friday afternoon.


Looking at several reporting packages to do this for some it is relatively easy for others it is a pain

Nobody does it simply

The requirements as I see it

A good text editor that can handle place holders ckeditor Java v4 may be. Not the version used in ISD

Either a report builder (cut down version of ISD ?) how would you manage that ? All the good reporting products have it free or low cost.

The ability to handle boxes and placeholders with style and grace curved corners anybody with about resorting to messy images

Love to hear some more discussion and hear peoples pain points which they think ISD could remove

ISD has a lot right for example if you look at teleriks reporting demo using Adventureworks you would see that ISD would build 80% without even blinking

And the balance is mainly layout stuff and dealing with the graphs.


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Current we are using Excel pivot tables and inserting charts into page directives using Visual Studio.

So to make Ironspeed more appropriate for us it would be charts with more than one series on a single chart and pivot tables.


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Hi Mr.Kiril,
my wish would be following:
1) I have developed SSRS reports that are generated by corresponding SSIS via Script Component object. This pair i.e., SSIS+SSRS gives wonderful generation of PDF reports in direct streaming output, approximately 6 000 PDF files it creates for less than 4 hrs? A propos of this,the files are grouped in corresponding folders (approximately 200 folders i.e., as much as necessary). etc....

2) For my case, as you can see, it would be more than wonderful if ISD could integrate SSIS and thus give me power to have displayed e.g., drop down list of available .dtsx packages and to RUN them separately, one by one but, to may be have an option to chain them under one click on RUN buton....

According to what I have experienced by now, SSIS + SSRS is great tool for reporting. Only ISD is missing to cover it...


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Do you have any experience about pdf conversion process? Any suggetsion will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.  

Best regards,
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