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I have created a gallery page with ImagewithOverlaid text and would like to display the images conditionally on the Gallery page, i.e., display the Image and the associated text only if it meets a certain criteria, such as public or private.

I use the following formula in the cell editor - while this works in displaying/not displaying the image and overlaid text it creates a blank space for the images/texts which should not displayed.  Is there a way to remove/not have the blank spaces.

= if(communitytype="public",CommunityTableControlRow.GetImageWithOverlaidText("communitylogo", "<a class=\"button_link\" href=\"" + CommunityTableControlRow.ModifyRedirectUrl("../community/Show-Community.aspx?Community={PK}", "", True) + "\">" + communityname + "</a>", CommunityTableControlRow.ModifyRedirectUrl("../community/Show-Community.aspx?Community={PK}", "", True)),"")

Please see image below – the red boxes are where the images are not displaying but it is occupying the space that would like to remove.
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in the formula you are working with cell and telling it what to do in that cell.
What you want is to do is tell the page what images to display to a class of uses the best way is to sort that out by adjusting the where clause and have to where clauses on for public one for private
see Jimi's Answer as to how

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Why not filter it at the database level? Then there are no gaps...
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