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I have a status table. It has status start and end dates.
The user wants an edit option for the rows in this table.
But I want to implement a check that-
current row start date < previous row start date or previous row end date- then alert
current row end date  < previous row start date - then alert

public void Button1_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
        statusTableControl myTable = (statusTableControl)(this.FindControlRecursively("statusTableControl"));
        if (myTable != null)
            foreach (statusTableControlRow recordCtl in myTable.GetSelectedRecordControls())
                if (recordCtl.statusRecordRowSelection.Checked == true)
                    // do the date check here..

How do reference the row index for current and previous rows?
Also if it is first row then I want to do some more checks.

Please advise.

thanks and regards

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