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I am using version 10.2.1 when I attempt to run the app I get this error message:

I have .Net Framework 4.7 on my development windows 7 computer and I cannot install version 4.5 so how can I get this to run?


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Let me guess:  Windows Server 2016

If so you are out of luck as .NET 4.7 is the lowest you can go on Win2016 and you can't uninstall it to go to a lower version (like 4.5 which is the max version that Ironspeed will recognize).

I had to instead have our IT group refresh the OS down to Win2012 Server so I could run Ironspeed apps.


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My ISD apps run just fine on .NET 4.7.  ISD will complain when it tries to to a compile, but I just switch to VS to compile and it seems to work ok for me.  Essentially moving forward you are just using ISD to build the pages...


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I was thinking the same thing Miles. Good to hear you've had success. This workaround means you can not use IS to preview the pages? You have to run all tests through Visual Studio?

Dennis Retherford
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