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I have a ShowProperties.aspx page with some panels.
I would like to have a google map for the current property in another panel.
I have been reading the new google API, so looks like I have to invoke a geocoder, then create the map. (?)
Anyone knows how to call geocoder with cell values? In one cell I actually have the value of address+city+state, so I should be able to invoke javascript(s) from there, but how? I wanted to attend on the googlemap ISD webinar, but it was sold out. Besides I think this is something many people would be interested in, and shouldn't be very complex (if you know how to do it )


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Here is a google control website.  You can use the example code to import into Iron Speed Designer.  You need to open it first in VS 2010 as a website.   I hope this helps.  Check out the Attachment.

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zip GoogleMapControl_(2).zip (290.46 KB, 197 views)

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