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The Iron Speed Technical Forum is an electronic venue for the Iron Speed community of developers. In the forums, developers can ask questions of each other and exchange ideas. The forums are a great resource if you cannot subscribe to Iron Speed technical support.

Note: Iron Speed does not provide technical support through the forums. Other support options are available. Learn more...

Any developer interested in Iron Speed Designer can sign up with a valid email address.

While primarily a resource for, and driven by, the Iron Speed developer community, Iron Speed sponsors the forum and will moderate the discussions to ensure they remain on topic and useful to the community.

Please restrict your posts to technical issues related to Iron Speed Designer. This is not a venue for ranting, advertising, or kvetching. Please respect the community.

A small group of developers just like you moderate the forums. However, they are unpaid volunteers. Please be respectful of them and their time.


Alan Fisher Chairman Iron Speed, Inc. @afisher1024
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