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In this article I want to learn how to configure security using ISD database driven that admin can change security for users or groups without need to change source code.

In advanced mode you can set required fields or enable/disable fields by yourself without source code need.

This article learns you step by step configure your security for application. this solution can be used to all ISD versions.

See Attachment.

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doc How_to_set_dynamic_security.doc (504.50 KB, 872 views)


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Just want to ask you these:
1. How do I store application resources such as the button, form or page? Should I store the path on the application created? 
2. Can you please tell me how you created the "resource tree" on your example.

Sorry, I'm such a noob, but I really want to make this happen to the application I am creating right now.  

Your help is greatly appreciated.


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I am also very interesting to this model applicable. I am facing many problem. Would you please post a downloadable example for your model, including everything such as database and sample code.

Best Regards,

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I too would like to see your code if possible. This would be a great feature to have in ISD!
Best Regards,


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Love this,

If I am reading this right users are the same as current with an optional list of employees to select from (could be AD integrated for the list, an HR employee source or none)

What he is doing is creating a series of abstract rolls (which would need to be added to each control, page tab and so on.) A great deal of planning would be needed as to how many you would need and which is granted access to a given control.

But the great idea he has here is that both who is a member of the abstract role and what controls are allowed access by the abstract role are all configurable at runtime by an admin as two other sub groups one for the people and one for the controls or objects. With no limit to how many of each are in each of the two sub groups or even what they are at development time.

In other words adding a new sub role group or sub user group to a control requires no recoding. Again if I am reading this right the resource tree is like a make – model – year flat table using a simple tree control or dropdowns that update each other.

As a sub note this could be even be made recursive and allow groups to be members of groups.

My hats off to you SA.D, great idea, in a simple db view with no code needed other than the admin screens to manage it.

Chronus101 – There is no path needed to any control dream up your own, it is simply a table entry that you can put together anyway you like, and select into the many to many join table to make it a part of the sub group.

Michael – No code needed to make this work.



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Just my opinion but "Full Dynamic security solution"  is a little misleading.  If I read it correctly the roles are still assigned to each page in ISD.
Thank you,
Phil Porter

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You can use few tables than, by using SQLHierarchyID data type of SQL Server. It's very great.Use only 1 table for User hierarchy, 1 table for UserRole, 1 view for UserRole.

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I agree with Phil.

  Jaime Jegonia

Iron Speed MVP Developer

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I read through this document, but the jist of it is just using roles...

Can someone enlighten me???

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