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I'm have a Projects table, a Town table and a County Table.  One project can fall into many counties or many towns.  I have created the appropriate PK's and FKs.  When I create an show table with details in row, my page has the project record with the child tables (town and county) as tabs.  This is perfect.  

Now i would like to filter the projects by the County or Town value however when i drag the filter by town field it does not work.  If I try to Apply To the MultiTown Record control is not available.

Any ideas on how to filter a related tab container on a page?

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Any ideas on how to filter a related tab container on a page?

Usually, when creating "show table with details in row" page from template, it is enough to make sure that the "Field filter location" is not set to "none" under "Detail table panels --> Filters" section of the "New Page and Panel Configuration Options" part of Application (generation) Wizard, which starts by clicking on "Configure..." button at the bottom of the "...create this page" segment.

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Thanks vmnz for your response.

the filters are not set to none.  I have filters both on the parent page and the tab containers however I want to be able to filter from the parent level.  for example search all record in a town.  the town is in the child tab container.

I've attached a image of what I'm trying to do.  In in the example when filtering on Bennington it should only return with records for Bennington.  I thought I would be able to use the Apply to option on the filter properties however it is greyed out.

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Override the CreateWhereClause for the child table and use the same logic from the CreateWhereClause in the parent table (to look at the parent table filter).

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Could you give me an example?  I tried modifying the WhereClause in the Child table to filter on the selected value.  But it didn't work.
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