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I have a 9.2 application that is doing the same thing as the post below. Has this issue been fixed in v10? Can you override SendPasswordToUser()?

Originally Posted by lnadai
As far, as I can tell:
In admin.UI.ForgotUser:sendPasswordToUser (line 706-707) sets the "from" email and the "to" email to the same value that was entered during login:
This results in incorrect email (most likely will wind up in your spam folder as a phishing attempt).
It should use the "smtp from" set in the web config.
Just to test, I changed the cs code by just hard-coding the "from" email, and worked fine.
Unfortunately when I do a rebuild all, my fix disappears.

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Is nobody having this issue any longer? I have a few customers who use the "Forgot Password" feature and the email never gets to them because the FROM address being the same as the TO address. Their email security is bouncing it every time.



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Hi Tom:

I setup the environment and do see your point.  I copied the Send Password code and pasted it in the Button Click event to make it work.

As the code is in Section II, it will always get reset on every build.  

Please report this issue to support.


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Will do. Thanks for the response.


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UPDATE: Issue under review. Here is the workaround.

"To change in your application you must override the button click handler in section 1,
and then copy any code it calls into that method to customize it.
You will probably need to copy the SendPasswordToUser() method and customize it,
or provide a custome BaseClasses.Utils.MailSenderInThread() method.
SendPasswordToUser() is in the ForgotUser code behind, and MailSenderInThread is
in the BaseClasses." -- Bill White

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Apparently, the issue was never resolved before everyone jumped ship. Still does not work. I do not believe it's being blocked, I think it's not going out at all. 
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