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Not sure if this is universal but this is what I had to do in order to get CKEditor to work in a sharepoint 2010 application solution.

Download and install ckeditor for asp and ckeditor.
Add the to the bin folder.
after deploying the application, you need to add the ckeditor folder to the ROOT OF YOUR SHAREPOINT SITE.

When the solution is deployed, the references to the ckeditor scripts point to the root of the site for some reason and not to the root of the solution directory.

In order to put the ckeditor folder in the root of the sharepoint site, I added myself to the site collection administrators and connected to the site via sharepoint designer.  Then I was able to copy and paste into the root of the All Files.

Just sort of documenting this- especially since I have this on a test sharepoint server right now and will need to deploy officially later.

Anyway, this saves me from paying for cute editor which worked right out of the box.

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What I did was to add the below to the web.config (in the production environment) after deploying:

<add key="CKeditor:BasePath" value="../CKeditor/" />

Note that adding this in the development environment (no SharePoint) won't work.
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