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I am new to Ironspeed (9), so this may be a simple solution. I have a couple database fields that get bound, varchar (3000). They are automatically set to type asp:textbox.The textbox is a newer control with a toolbar so that the text entered can have styles and extended formatting. I don't want this behavior, I just want a simple multiline text box, as I only want the data stored in the backend database to be just the text entered and not all the style formatting around it.



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Go to design mode.  Select the field.  Change the properties of "Editor Type" to "ASP Multi-Line".


You'll want to remove the Height and Width properties which were set when it was the other editor type so it will use the Columns and Rows properties.


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In addition to Bryan's reply, you can go to Tools --> Application Generation Options --> General Application Options --> Web Page Options --> Rich Text Editor Control and make a change to Rich Text Editor to ASP Multiline.  After the next generation, this will replace all the Rich Text Controls to ASP Multiline.



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Hi, I am new in Ironspeed Designer. I would like to ask how to change the behaviour of my text box so that it will not display numbers like -9.000089897658E-14 instead it will display 0 value. Thank you
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You can customize the display format as shown:

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