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Hey guys,
been away from Ironspeed quite a while and several versions but am back with last version 12.2 I believe.
Here is what I am working on and hitting a road block.
I am creating a shipping program. User selects a CARRIER (shipping company).
That selection will determine the additional choices they make; REGION then Country and then PORT.
Not all CARRIERS operate in same countries and ports.
Please take a look at relationship graphic.
They will actually make the selection twice, select CARRIER and then Origin REGION, Origin COUNTRY and Origin PORT.
Obviously that is where the shipment is picked up and leaving from.
Then they make the same selections again (except for CARRIER) Destination REGION, COUNTRY and PORT.
These Selections will populate TBL_SHIPMENTS.
They will then select CONTAINERS and then CARGO for what will fill the containers.

My problem is trying to get the combo boxes to cascade as they make their selections.
In Example CARRIER is selected then REGION is Asia (resulting in COUNTRY combo box populating with only Asia)
where I can then select say JAPAN and then port TOKYO.
Further complicating this is that IRONSPEED somehow  knows  there is a COUNTRY field and it populates it will ALL countries.
I did see an IRONSPEED video of how to do this but it required setting each Combo box to be dependent on the previous one and when I tried that it was either the incorrect combo box or it did not populate the dependent drop down at all.

This was very easy in Microsoft Access (where this application is coming from) as when you selected REGION the Primary Key was the Foreign Key in COUNTRY.
Any and all help will be very much appreciated …  relationship.gif 


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I figured it out. here is a cut and paste of the formula.


I know that I have one CARRIER and it will only operate in one REGION so I tested it and it worked. Well it worked from CARRIER to REGION.

When I tried for COUNTRY IRONSPEED yet again realizes that this is a field for COUNTRY so it thinks it is doing me aa faavor by populating ALL countries.

How can I turn this off?

The REGION I am Referring to is North America yet it overrides that and populates with all countries.

How can I turn this off ?



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