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I want to developed a program for and automotive workshop, when a customer arrives at the shop i want to search for his vehicle under the vehicle no,or get his details from his mobile no if he has been to the workshop before i need to get all the data personal and vehicle on that screen and if it is a new customer the database would be searched and if nothing found a new record must be created 
has any body developed something similar or help me on the right track...

Thanks in Advance


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Yes this is very easy to do in IronSpeed.
I am not sure of your background but you should get all of your requirements first.
Or at least as much as possible.
From their you can create your tables and joins.  Though IronSpeed is flexible enough to work in either direction coding and building the database.  It is prefered that you would create your database structure first and then let the power of IronSpeed build your pages.


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The only challenge is if you don't have good database foundation.  The quality of ISD generated apps are dependent on the quality of their backend databases.  Otherwise, everything will be just easy as point and build, and you'll have your application ready in few minutes.

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