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Hi All,

I want to ask a question. I have added Web Services in ISD application Project. Web service Works perfect but there is a problem which I can't solve in right way. 

My web service using Business logic classes and Business logic classes are using Current UserID for Audith adding and updating process. In web services there isn't login user. So get null exeption.

Now I want to setUser Login info in web services classes but I can't bu successful. Do you have any suggestion?

Code Block

Imports System.ServiceModel
Imports System.ServiceModel.Activation
Imports System.ServiceModel.Web
Imports SCIENTA.Business

Public Class ProCOSTWS
    Public Function AddDataRecord(ByVal ID As Integer, ByVal QuantitiyAs Int32) As Integer
        ' Set up object for the primary key of new record to be inserted.
        Dim createdUretimVerisiID As Integer
        ' Create and obtain a transaction object.
        Dim t As BaseClasses.Data.SqlProvider.SqlTransaction
        t = BaseClasses.Data.SqlProvider.SqlTransaction.GetOrCreateTransaction("Data")
            BaseClasses.Utils.SecurityControls.SetCurrentUserID("6") ---> it falls down to exeption.

End Function
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