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I am not technical but am tasked with maintaining the Ironspeed applications that we use for clients' telemarketing campaigns. I am looking for a way to be able to replicate an Ironspeed application where the underlying database is identical in design to the one in the existing application without having to do the Ironspeed customization. Can anyone help me with this? 

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You may backup the database and restore to a different name. Copy the deployed application and redeploy to a new application or Site Name. Edit the Web.config connection string to point to a new database then you are good to go.

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  Jaime Jegonia

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Does anyone have a step by step approach to replicating an Iron Speed application? I have an existing app which allows users to view the results of site surveys carried out at petrol stations in South Africa. I have to replicate this for 2 prospective clients - for both of these the tables will remain the same, it is only the content of the database tables that will change. Hence, I wish to replicate the applications under a new name, pointing to a new database. I have tried various approaches suggested in the forum, to no avail. 

So, let's say I have an application that the current user accesses through a url called, where x is the name of the company. I now need to create two new apps, called, say, ysurvey and zsurvey for companies y and z. I need to connect these apps to two new databases, which have the same structure in terms of tables and views as that of company x.

I have tried the approach suggested for v9 in the video by Paul Modiano, but Iron Speed would simply not open the application. No decent error message, it just says 'cannot open'. I tried copying the folder, renaming it and then running and get errors such as 'Could not load type 'ySurvey.Business.SSI_FullResultView' from assembly 'xsurveyInspect.Business' (where xSurvey is the old name and ySurvey the new). 

I will happily pay (if the charge is within my means[smile]) if someone has an approach which is tried and tested....

I am using v12.2 by the way



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I can help... send me an email to

Miles Gibson, MScIS
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