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Hello everyone... 
 this is something which is totally strange and here is the case... I am using jquery for header and column freeze, which works fine for all grids, however for one child grid form which I had issues freezing the header. I managed to get that simple thing fixed through going to Visual Studio and adding couple of lines of code in the aspx file as there is no other way to add it in aspx.cs.
It works fine when I build the application, however the moment I REBUILD, all the code disappears...

I am there is somewhere in ISD where code we add will not be deleted.

Any thoughts is highly appreciated.

thank you so much.

Joe Tatarian

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If you want to add jQuery Javascript to your project, you have to go into ISD, find the page in question, and show any of the Page Sections. Right-click on any blank cell, select "Configure" and then select "Page Directives".

Put your javascript in the Page Epilogue section, in between the "<asp:ValidationSummary..." and "</asp:Content>" lines

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