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Good Day everyone
It seems we have again another problem with the Activation server IP not found.
I had issue after Windows 10 update and caused some issues with ISD, uninstalling and installing was the only way, however when come to activation, i received Activation Server IP not found error and cannot continue my work. 

PS: I am connected to the internet as I am submitting this issue.. 😉

May you advise please.

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Joe Tatarian


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Dear All Sorry for bothering you but I found the issue and managed to resolve it and mainly was blocking the activation server from the host file in windows 10 folder. I commented those lines and managed uncommented them thereafter and Activation worked.
thank you so much

Joe Tatarian

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Hi , I have a problem , after windows update my license was deactivated, I uninstalled and delete the ISD folder  several times,
Activation Error. with no results

Please help me..... Activation Error.png Thanks for your help

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adiaz1, was able to sort it out? 

  Jaime Jegonia

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