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Thank you Jimi
I am sure if we have maximum 10 business people who may partner and invest equal shares... we can at least bring back ISD to benefit the collective rather than stopping dead benefiting no one. We don't have to make millions to begin with, but we can retain current users and grow with new ones.

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Joe Tatarian

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I had already proposed this a year back. 
I also spoke to ISD's lawyer... 
But nothing more happened..
ISD does not have a clear 'owner' now.
That is the problem.



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I am very late to this thread.

Interesting that Alan was advised to just shut up shop and go dark. Very grateful he did not.

I think you would have to find Kirill and his team to have any hope of resurrecting the product. They would have been able to build an MVC version of ISD two years ago. Undoubtedly they have all well and truly moved on. Would take a miracle plus deep pockets to get them back together now. But what a product it would be.

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We just introduced our Light Speed MVC Framework which can build Line of Business Applications similar to Iron Speed.  You can review more details at <click here> which may provide a future option for Iron Speed applications.
Akesh Gupta
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